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A fun squash, chayote is now in season

Recipe: Chayote casserole could be holiday dish

By Debbie Arrington

Chayote are fun to grow. On trellises, the fruit dangles down for easy picking. Just watch out for any prickles when grabbing a vegetable pear.

The vines can grow 30 feet or more and will cover anything in their way -- such as an arbor or a garden shed. The squash arrives late in the season and keeps for up to a month in the refrigerator.

Native to the Caribbean, chayote is also known as mirliton squash. In Louisiana, it's a traditional part of Cajun and Creole Thanksgiving and holiday get-togethers.
Usually, I cook chayote as simply as possible. I split them open, pop out the over-sized seed and microwave them on a pie plate; cut side down first. (Don't bother peeling.) I zap them on high for 3 minutes, covered, then turn them over for another 3 minutes or until fork tender. (Big ones take longer.) Topped by cheese or butter, it's an instant side dish.
For upcoming holiday get-togethers (or any time there…

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